Course Info

The course will take place on blazed hiking trails in the Wharton State Forest. These trails are well-blazed and easy to follow if you pay attention. The course itself will NOT BE MARKED, with the exception of a few confusing turns. ALL RUNNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN NAVIGATION, and therefore, you should thoroughly read and understand the directions listed on this page. We will also provide small maps and “cheat sheets” at check in.

Course Hazards:

Although the course is entirely on hiking trails, the trails intersect other dirt roads that may have vehicle, bicycle, and equestrian traffic. Please be mindful of this. Also, be careful not to stray down one of these dirt roads. Keep your eyes open and attention focused. It’s easy to get in the zone and wander down the wrong path. If you do, you will most certainly be lost in the Pine Barrens. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you’ll be off on your own adventure. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you might want to stick to the course. If you don’t see blazes where you are, then you took a wrong turn and should retrace your steps until you are back at a location that you know is on the course. Please note that although the trails are mostly packed sand, there are some sections with rocks and roots. And since this is a forest, you may also encounter animals and insects. Stay alert for potential hazards.


We will begin at the Batsto Mansion and follow the Mullica River Trail (yellow) for 6.8 miles to Beaver Pond. From there we will turn right onto the Beaver Pond Quaker Bridge Trail (purple) and follow that for 1.7 miles. After we cross Quaker Bridge, we’ll turn right onto the Batona Trail (pink) and follow that for 6 miles. A right turn onto the Batsto Lake Trail (blue/white) will take us to the finish line at the Batsto Village picnic area.

Course Summary:

Leg 1: Follow YELLOW (Mullica River Trail) for 6.7 mi to Beaver Pond.
Leg 2: TURN RIGHT onto PURPLE (Beaver Pond Quaker Bridge Trail) and follow for 1.8 mi to Quaker Bridge.
Leg 3: TURN RIGHT onto PINK (Goodwater Road/Batona Trail) and follow for 6.3 mi to Batsto Lake Trail.
Leg 4: TURN RIGHT onto BLUE/WHITE at the “Batsto –>” sign and follow for 0.1 mi to the picnic area.

Expanded Mileage:

0.0 mi: From Batsto Village, RUN along the Mullica River Trail. (YELLOW)
4.0 mi: PASS the Mullica River Wilderness Campground.
5.0 mi: PASS the Wilderness Camps Connector Trail (GREEN) on your right.
6.7 mi: Arrive at Beaver Pond and TURN RIGHT onto Beaver Pond-Quaker Bridge Trail. (PURPLE)
8.5 mi: Run across Quaker Bridge and make the FIRST RIGHT onto Goodwater Road/Batona Trail. (PINK)
11.0 mi: Run across a wide bridge and make the FIRST HARD RIGHT to stay on PINK.
12.1 mi: Run across a narrow footbridge.
12.8 mi: PASS the Batsto Lake Trail (WHITE). Keep LEFT to stay on PINK/WHITE.
14.3 mi: PASS the Batsto Lake Trail (BLUE). Turn LEFT to stay on PINK/BLUE/WHITE.
14.8 mi: TURN RIGHT onto the Batsto Lake Trail (BLUE/WHITE) toward Batsto Picnic area.
14.9 mi: Arrive at the Batsto Picnic area.

Course Maps:

Click the maps below for full size images. The red lines denote the course route, and the arrows indicate the direction of the run. The course follows the yellow trail, then purple, then pink, then white/blue.

Course MapCourse Map (Blow up of start/finish)

Other Trail Images:

Click the thumbnails below for images of the trail blazes, intersections, and other landmarks along the course.