The Batty Fatty Adventure Run

Join us this October as we kick off the first Batty Fatty Adventure Run, a 15 mile trail run through the Wharton State Forest in the beautiful New Jersey Pine Barrens! Our goal is to host a small event in the “Fat Ass” format as way to bring our fellow trail runners together for a celebration of autumn, running, and beautiful country. No fees, no frills, just 15 miles of open trail. (If you read this and asked yourself, “What the f#&% is a fat ass?” then click here and here.) Since our goal is to get people together for a fun day on the trails, runners that do not want to run the full course have the option of doing an out and back of any mileage they choose. However, only runners who opt to run the full course will have their times recorded. Stick around after the run for a picnic complete with all our fall favorites including pumpkin bread, homemade chicken noodle soup, and other goodies!

Brief Course Description:

The run will begin at Batsto, one of the best preserved ghost towns in the Pinelands. We’ll run along the Mullica River, across Quaker Bridge, and back down the Batona Trail along the Batsto River. The course consists of dirt roads and single track trail. The surface is mostly packed sand and is very runnable, with few rocks and roots.

We’ve only got two caveats for you:

1. The run is UNSUPPORTED and NO AID will be available anywhere along the course. All runners are REQUIRED to carry water.

2. NAVIGATION IS UP TO YOU and that’s where the element of “adventure” comes in. We will give you a map and off you go! We will be running on four well-blazed trails, so navigation is not particularly difficult if you keep your eyes open and are constantly looking for blazes. There are only three turns along the course, and each occurs at a major trail junction that is well-signed. We admit that on our first run of the course we had trouble with a couple turns, but it’s easy to figure out within a few minutes that you are off track because of the lack of blazes around you. We plan to put up a few markers to help with some of these confusing areas, but please do not rely on them as we can’t guarantee they won’t be taken down (perhaps by some rogue Piney). Feel free to bring a GPS if you’d like, although it’s not necessary. Also, some cell service is available in the forest (but not everywhere!).

If you want to get a feel for the course, check out the pictures on our Course Info page. Also posted there are the course map, directions, mileage table, pictures of major trail landmarks, and some helpful tips. We will provide small maps and “cheat sheets” at check in.
For those of you that prefer to take the “adventure” out of this and don’t want to think too hard about navigation, you can run with us! We will have two pacers on the course.


To register, please visit Ultra Signup. There is no entry fee. The field will be limited to 30 runners, and we will maintain a waitlist if necessary. Registration will close on October 24. To register after 10/24, send an email to:

Tech shirts:

To commemorate our first Batty Fatty, we will be offering tech shirts at a cost of $25 each for those who are interested. You can purchase the shirt when you sign up for the run. Here is our preliminary design. Please submit your order by October 7 to ensure you receive your shirt on race day!


Awards don’t really have a place in Fat Ass events, but we couldn’t resist giving out something. We’ll have a drawing during our picnic for copies of The Pine Barrens by John McPhee. We promise you’ll love it.


If you have questions, please contact us at: